About Festival

The Polska.lu association has been operating mainly in the cultural field for 15 years, which resulted in numerous events for the Polish community and for the international audience. The Polish Culture Festival is our flagship project, in which we focus on bringing Polish culture to the inhabitants of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is the sixth edition of the Festival, this time under the slogan "Culture for Peace".

In the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine, we cannot ignore the fact that innocent people are killed by bullets, that hatred and anger are being born in whole nations. We will talk about the war with international scientists during the debate in Cercle Cité. 

We will see Ukraine in the pictures at the Justyna Mielnikiewicz exhibition entitled "Portraits d'une résistance - Ukraine 2004-2022".

For the Polish community, we have two concerts by famous artists: Andrzej Poniedzielski and Zbigniew Zamachowski. Calm, romantic and bringing people closer together.

And at the end of the Festival, we will see the Motion Trio band, which attracts crowds of viewers around the world, because they perform miracles on accordions, playing classical music in unusual interpretations and their own compositions.
We hope that we will see the end of the war during the Festival. We wish this to the fighting soldiers in Ukraine and their families scattered all over Europe, including Luxembourg.

Let's create Culture for Peace and Peace for Culture.