John Paul II: Man and Culture

Friday, April 20, 18:30, Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Luxembourg

The exposition „John Paul II: Man and Culture” exhibits the various aspects of the life of the Polish Pope and his involvement with culture and education. With excerpts from John Paul II himself, the exposition invokes the most important issues of the culture of the lives of the nations, accentuated by the Pope at his appearance in front of UNESCO: „The strength of the speech was that it was not the theory of culture, but the exhibition of culture. The natural exhibition of man, who, on the basis of his own experiences, provides the outlines of what that culture was in the works of his nation and what that culture is in the works of every nation” (John Paull II).

The exposition, which reminds us of the most important fragments of the Pope’s speech at UNESCO, has been illustrated through photography found in the archives of the Museum Dom Rodzinny Ojca Świętego Jana Pawła II in Wadowice, as well as in the archives of Kuria Metropolitalna in Cracow. It also provides a collection of reflections in which John Paul II attempted to discover the roots of what is occuring in the world, in order to give everyone – both individuals and entire nations – the possibility of an awakening through the careful analyis of one’s „memories”, the living feeling of their own „identity.”

The production of the exposition „John Paul II: Man and Culture,” from the Museum Dom Rodzinny Ojca Świętego Jana Pawła II in Wadowice was entrusted to SOWA SZENK s.c. The exposition was presented for the first time in Parisian UNESCO edifice on the 16th of December, 2013.

Exhibition will take place til May 13.

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