Raz, Dwa, Trzy – Important Songs

Friday, April 20, 2018, 8:00 PM

Sang a Klang, 1 Rue des Trois-Glands, 1629 Luxembourg

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This concert is a musical journey through the band's musical world. In his ”important songs” Adam Nowak tells a story about life, love and the recesses of the human soul. He looks at our flaws, raises questions about the meaning of life; he wrestles with faith and unfaith.

Raz, Dwa, Trzy

A living proof that you can follow your own path, stick to your own ideas and aesthetics, and still become popular, enjoy the admiration of fans and the incessant appreciation of critics. Raz, Dwa, Trzy started their career at the Student Music Festival in Kraków. They are often classified as a rock band – after all, they performed in the famous Jarocin Rock Festival. Fans and admirers of Raz, Dwa, Trzy love Adam Nowak and his band for their dreamy bossa novas, soothing reggae rhythms, softly enveloping sounds of guitars, an accordion and a double bass. A plethora of instruments, technically perfect arrangements and a passion for creating and playing music are the band’s trademarks. Adam Nowak's lyrics are intricately constructed stories with a deep message; philosophical pills that you want to swallow to expand your consciousness. Adam Nowak does not hesitate to raise questions about difficult or even final things. His lyrics will move you and stay with you for long. Raz, Dwa, Trzy – a phenomenon!