Kapela Niwińskich – Galicia Orchestra (11.11.22, 19.30)

A concert devoted to the musical traditions of old Galicia (a region on the border between Poland and Ukraine). You will also hear a lot of folk music from central Poland, sung mazurkas and kujawiaks.

Music to listen to, sing and dance!

The Galicia Orchestra is a living music, collected during field expeditions, recovered from archival recordings and the recordings of Oskar Kolberg (Polish ethnographer).

As the members of the group are students of rural musicians and researchers of musical traditions from Poland and Ukraine, we will hear mostly music from the Polish-Ukrainian border, belonging to the former Galicia - a land located in the shadow of the Carpathians. This land has been home to many cultures living side by side for centuries, which is especially audible in the music where you can hear traces of Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Jewish music, as well as the music of the Boykos and Hutsuls. We will hear mad kolomyikas and Ukrainian polkas, obereks from Pogórze, slow Galician krakowiaks and kozatchoks, wedding melodies and songs from both traditions.

Kapela Niwińskich has participated in countless concerts, dance parties, workshops and meetings.

The orchestra consists of:
Mateusz Niwiński - violin, vocals;
Justyna Piernik - vocals;
Paweł Iwan - cimbalom, vocals;
Jakub Mielcarek - double bass;
Agnieszka Niwińska – frame drum/baraban, vocals.

Trailer (Facebook)

During the concert we will also hear the Brotherhood of Traditional Singing (Bractwo Śpiewu Tradycyjnego), whose member Henryk Mazur will show us the dance steps and lead the audience to have fun together.

7.30 p.m.

Vantage – House of Music
163 Rue de Beggen, 1221 Luxembourg

Tickets: 20 EUR (10 EUR children under 18 and students) online / by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / at the entrance
Bar with drinks and food

Henryk Mazur, Bractwo śpiewu tradycyjnego and Vantage – House of Music

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