Ladies and Gentlemen,

I give you the 5th Polish Culture Festival; a project created in association with the Republic of Poland’s Embassy in Luxembourg and our long-standing partners – Ancien Cinema in Vianden, CCRN Neimenster, the Bourscheid commune and many others. The Festival, which caps 10 years of the activity of the asbl organisation, is also celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year. For this Festival we decided to show what to us, the Poles, is the most valuable – our outstanding sense of humour (MozART Group), our offbeat outlook on the world (the band Raz, Dwa, Trzy), our love of independance and deep patriotism (Film overlook 'The Path to Independence'), our faith, ardour and diligence (the 'John Paul II: Man and Culture' exposition), and also our love of beauty and respect to our hosts no matter where we find ourselves guests in the world (the 'Beautiful Luxembourg by the attendees of the photography workshops of the Polish Culture Festival' photography exposition). Because this is how we would like to be seen there where we are. There, where we want to live and share our happiness with others. I hope that this year’s Festival is worthy the occasion it has been organized for – the 100th anniversary of Polish Independence. We hope to celebrate this occasion with you!

I would like to thank the Republic of Poland’s Embassy in Luxembourg in particular, and personally – the Ambassador Piotr Wojtczak and his wife, Mrs. Iwona Wojtczak with helping in the organisation of this festival, and furthermore, Ancien Cinema in Vianden, in particular Maciej Karczewski and his wife, Hanna Karczewska, for the co-operation and incredible input to the Festival’s program, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Culture for the financial aid, all the sponsors and partners of the Festival and – last but not least – the members of asbl and the many indivuals, without who, for their work and support, this Festival would simply have not occured.

Marcin Wierzbicki

President of the asbl organisation
Director of the Polish Culture Festival