Word from the Polish Ambassador in Luxembourg

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my immense pleasure to greet you all on the eve of the 5th Festival of Polish Culture in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This year we celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the Republic of Poland regaining its independence, and as such the Festival is a wonderful showcase for Poland's rich traditions, its modernity and its openness to working together in an open dialogue with Luxembourg society, the city authorities, cultural institutions and the creators of culture themselves. This cyclical event promoting the culture of a country of 38 million people on the banks of the Vistula has an undoubted artistic value, but also creates an environment in which the relationship between our two nations can blossom. The Festival is the result of the collaborative efforts of the polska.lu association and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.

Over the coming months, a multitude of events related to the festival will be taking place: a variety of concerts featuring classical, jazz and popular music, film screenings, exhibitions – together with the Director of the Festival, Mr Marcin Wierzbicki, it is my great pleasure to invite you all to join us in the festivities.

I wish everyone a wonderful feast of cultural experiences.

I hereby declare the 5th Festival of Polish Culture in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg officially open!

Piotr Wojtczak